The Art of Winning in a VUCA World

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Includes Pre-Workshop Assessment, 1 Full Day Workshop

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Workshop Date & Venue :

July 20, 2019

(10 am to 6 pm)

at Hotel Marigold, Hyderabad

Last date to Register

July 18, 2019

Who should attend this program?

Business Leads, HODs, Managers

About the program

Do you know? Over 50% of Fortune 50 companies did not exist a decade ago? Ever wondered how the new age technology companies surpassed the growth of century old giants? How the market leaders like Uber, Airbnb created new business models and captivated them?What’s common between all fortune 50 companies ? They all have mastered the art of sensing and taming VUCA. Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity (VUCA) is part of any growing business. If managed well, VUCA can result in explosive growth or will propel implosion.Learn the secrets of sensing VUCA and make the best out of it before your competitors realise it.

How do you benefit from this one-day intense workshop?

 You will understand and appreciate various opportunities and threats that VUCA brings to your business

 You will explore various strengths and weaknesses of your organisation and will be better equipped to handle VUCA

 You will develop powerful lenses to sense VUCA

 You will be able to objectively rate your organisation’s ability to manage VUCA

 You will be able to position your strengths

 You will take an online talent assessment tool, Sarvaguna Indicator® to understand your strengths and blind spots to lead the VUCA environment.

 You will go through Learn by Practice group activities to identify and plot your VUCA map, employ tactics and strategies learned in each session.

Process Steps:

 1.Pay the workshop fee and register by July 18, 2019
 2.Complete Online assessment before July 19, 2019
 3.Attend the full day workshop on July 20, 2019(10 am to 6 pm)

About Trainer and Coach:

Sri Harsha is the Master Trainer and Coach for the workshop, “The Art of Winning in a VUCA World.” He has 29 years of global experience as an Entrepreneur, Board Director, CEO, CLO and Vice President HR. He has the mastery to train and coach you to identify the VUCA in your sphere of work and overcome the challenges. He is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, EQ Coach, MBTI trainer, Entrepreneur Edge Assessor and Coach. He has authored three psychometric assessment tools namely, Sarvaguna Indicator®, EQ-SS and Probeei. He also authored assessments such as CHANGE 3S-3P, SCOPE-HR Maturity Model, Sales Effectiveness Window. He worked in many geographies such as India, US, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore and Malaysia.


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“The Art of Winning in a VUCA World program was intensive and an eye opener to the essential values of integrity, trust, empowerment, employee and leader development and learning. I strongly recommend that all those who wish to turn themselves into effective leaders, should make time for this program and attend without excuses !Harsha's program focuses on sharing exclusive insights into what makes great teams, and great leaders, how the corporate values are articulated and shared, how the executives use the values to guide hiring decisions and personnel development processes, and ensure that all the organizational systems are aligned and synchronized to embody the culture.Awesome program Harsha! Fruitful workshop!”

"I attended ‘The Art of Winning in a VUCA World’ program of Sri Harsha’s which really focused on business development during market fluctuations. The course was inspiring and made me re-think and re-create the way I was doing traditional business. Harsha combines his talents as a speaker with his great skills and ability to teach complex concepts in a manner that easily understandable. I would recommend going to any of Harsha’s course. He is one of Windsor's in making true business leaders."

“The Art of Winning in a VUCA World, a one day training program conducted by Sri Harsha Govardhana is a well customised module for Leadership team to bring out the core competencies of the participant. The participants are evaluated on basis of various assessment levels which are supported and augmented with logical interpretation. The VUCA concept will encourage the participant to bring out his/her inherent leadership qualities and enables them to adapt new dimensional approach in People management, Planning, Decision making and Crisis management. Harsha adopts a unique style in conducting such intellectual sessions, involving every participant to collaborate in all activities and thereby making the program highly enterprising and value for money. I strongly recommend to all Leadership team in Corporates and Entrepreneurial sectors to subscribe for this VUCA training and explore the inner strengths of oneself, for productive performance.”

"Can't imagine doing business without this workshop. Because you must to know what is coming up to prepare and deal with it efficiently. The way Coach Sri Harsha drives it and enlightens the sensitive areas of the business in this VUCA world is amazing. His post programme coaching and selfless giving is invaluable. Never waste a minute and save your business for long time. If you miss this, you will surely lose a fortune before becoming a powerful CEO!"

"The workshop was insightful. From his decades of experience, Mr. Harsha has provided insights not just on understanding self but also on how to be prepared for critical situations that may arise. The workshop was very interactive and has a plenty of real life examples. It was also very well organised in a methodical approach. I would recommend this workshop for team leaders, business leaders."


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