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The Fired-up Entrepreneur
Sequel to Entrepreneurial Talents for Business Success.

90% of businesses fail because of poor Management Skills of the entrepreneurs. So, what fires up entrepreneurs to succeed in their business? The secret sauce is in recognizing the importance of learning and internalizing the management skills to take their business to a next level

January 25, 2020,10 AM to 6.00 PM

Venue : Hotel Marigold, Hyderabad

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Entrepreneurial Talents for Business Success Workshop & Coaching

Talent is the key differentiator of success in every human endeavour. People with Entrepreneurial Talents build large businesses, exceed sales targets, surpass profit goals, creates jobs, impact growth and many more – Sri Harsha Govardhana.

April 18, 2020 , 10 AM to 6.00 PM

Venue : Hotel Marigold, Hyderabad

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MBTI Workshop on Managerial Effectiveness

Welcome to MBTI®. For decades, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument has been the gold standard for assessing the diverse ways individuals perceive and process information.

November 8, 2019,10 AM to 6.00 PM

Venue : Hotel Marigold, Hyderabad

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Sarvaguna Indicator® is a registered trademark of Sarvagnya Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is an online talent / personality assessment tool that is scientifically researched to measures the work-life choices of a client on 10 competency scales.The test has 90 forced choice questions, which may take approximately 15 to 30 minutes time to complete. The test results are substantially the answers expected by the client and published in 14 pages report. The reports provide excellent insights on the personality.


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