Executive Search

Developing an effective recruitment strategy is your gateway to attracting the right talent and having the competent resources on board.

It takes right connections, in depth understanding of the business needs and immaculate hiring competencies to spot and filter the right talent in the market place. Most of the organizations fail to put into perspective and end up putting a square peg in a round hole.

Executive Search practice at Sarvagnya has a strong focus on providing reputable professionals to our clients. Our knowhow on the talent market and our competence to understand the client business dynamics provide us a competitive edge to deliver on our client expectations.

Our tools to profile the search-mandate entail a close interaction with the client’s senior team members to ascertain the position guidelines, job competencies and skill sets, and the time lines to onboard the executive. We strategically work with our clients to evolve a search agenda that clarifies expectations and builds a visibility on search criteria. This kicks in a focused approach with defined turnaround times. Our clients trust us for the seriousness we demonstrate in the head hunting process.

We take great care in providing the candidates a comprehensive and realistic picture about the prospects. We seek to understand their thoughts and concerns and present them to our client. Our expertise in building the bridges make a significant impact on positive outcomes of making careers happen.

Our value added services offer scientific and innovative selection methods to our clients. When the fears and experiences of “onboarding wrong person for the job” are rampant, our innovations with the scientific competency assessment tools mitigate the risks of flawed selection.

Our executive search process is driven by highly qualified head hunters with excellent domain expertise who ensure that each candidate goes through a rigorous recruitment process. This provides us the unique ability to provide you with skills not easily available in the market.

Below is a brief of our search process:

 Search mandate: After contracting, the client provides the search mandate. Our consultant and the client discuss position guidelines, job competencies, skill sets and key behaviours.

 Search Strategy: Our consultant participates in discussion with the client to formulate a search strategy with reference to the segments to be focused.

 Head hunting: Our domain expert conducts the preliminary interview and discusses the candidate profile with the client to identify candidates for the client interview.

 Competency Assessment: Our domain experts conduct the initial assessment of the competencies of candidates and provide our recommendations along with Psychometric Assessment and coordinate the client interview process.

 Psychometric Assessments (premium service): After the initial assessment, the potential candidates will be request to take an online psychometric assessment. Sarvaguna Indicator® is a talent assessment tool that we administer on the potential candidates that our client would like to interview. Sarvaguna Indicator® provides a Job Compatibility report that is highly useful to the client to review and then plan the interview of the candidates. We also use internationally reputed selection tools such as Thomas Profiling and EQ-i 2.0.

 Client interviews: Client interviews with the candidates are organised. Client communicates the decision to hire to the candidate. Client keeps Sarvagnya in the loop.

 Reference Check and Onboarding: Client requests for the reference check. Once the candidate is selected, our consultants will request the candidate to provide a list of two references. Our consultants will ascertain background information from the referees and share the information with the client. In case the client wants detailed background verification, Sarvagnya will coordinate with a third party service provider for such services. Client should pay all costs associated with background verification directly to First Advantage or the service provider. Sarvagnya provides onboarding coordination, too.

  • Mr. Joseph A. Nicholas
    President & CEO,
    Cancer Treatment Services International,
    Wexford, PA 15090, USA

    "Harsha, I would like to thank Sarvagnya for the executive search services rendered in 2013. Your firm was invaluable to me in helping to find the two General Managers. I particularly like your approach that saved me an enormous amount of time. Your firm sifted through hundreds of resumes and presented me with the best few candidates. Not only did this save me time but also gave me the highest qualified candidates from the start. You were very comprehensive and you took the time with my company to develop the appropriate job and candidate profile. You also communicated with us every step of the way with updates and with feedback after interviews. Your communications were efficient and reached the pinnacle of professionalism. Thanks for your partnership!"


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