In this new age organisations use psychometric instruments for an objective assessment of employee’s personality, job compatibility, identify training needs, and develop competencies, etc. Our consultants are internationally trained and accredited psychometric assessment practitioners who will provide true value to the investments made by the organization. We work creatively with organisations to choose the appropriate instrument and facilitate an environment to achieve outstanding results.

Probeei in short is “Professional and Behavioral Assessment Instrument”. It is developed in an effort to provide quality, comprehensive self assessments for indicating behavioral competencies in professional or work setting. Probeei indicates a client’s personality on assessment of dynamic behavioral competencies; each measured on a continuum of preference choices from “more to less.” The preference choices indicate a dynamic personality of client in a professional or work setting.

The instrument is a questionnaire administered online. It has 56 questions with multiple behavioral competencies as responses to each question that a client is forced to choose to indicate his/her preference. The responses are measured on an algorithm and a report is automatically published.


Probeei is ideal for its application in training & coaching for performance development, and recruitment and selection process. It assesses the client’s personality and maps it against the behavioral competencies identified for a specific profession or job. The histogram in the report will indicate the client’s job compatibility. Probeei serves as a sounding board to recruiters to frame their questions well in the interview to assess the clients accurately and trainers and coaches to work in directed channels to improve client’s performance.

  • Mr. Jungwon Koh
    General Manager,
    Hyundai Motor India Engineering Pvt. Ltd.,
    Hyderabad, India

    “PROBEEI deeply probed our talent profiling methods and unveiled an insightful dimension in our team members. The assessment process is simple and the reports are accurate and effective. It gave us independent assessment in our selection and career progression process for our employees. It is an excellent decision making tool for the strategic HR practice. We are impressed with the tool and will soon administer the same on all our key employees across the globe.”


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