Process Reengineering & Automation

In our practice we have observed many organizations suffering from innumerable “system ruts.” Our consultants have an impeccable track record of understanding the client’s actual business requirements and pioneering solutions to radically change the way things should work. We have reengineered processes to deliver efficient and effective business results that will save costs, improve quality and increase productivity. We use disruptive technologies to create expert systems, decision support tools, tracking systems, etc., for a collaborative work environment and to bring in transformational change.

How It Helps

  Reengineer work processes by eliminating waste and making them efficient and effective

  Create intelligent tracking systems to improve processes on a continuous basis

  Leaders access management information to know the status, review and initiate corrective actions

  Associates will be reviewed on key performance indicators and strategize to enhance their productivity

  Enhances decision making capabilities in the organization across levels

  Automated reports facilitate a robust review process and initiate steps in a goal directed manner

  Develop Mobile Apps and web based solutions for seamless integration of the process

  Results in organizational resource optimization

  • Dr. Ramesh Kancharla
    Chairman & MD,
    Rainbow Hospitals Group,
    Hyderabad, India

    "I have engaged Sri Harsha of Sarvagnya, during December 2012 to January 2014, to help me in revamping our HR department to align with our goals of expansion & growth. Harsha has used “SCOPE” tool like how a doctor uses pathology investigations and reports to diagnose the HR and bring in important changes. He has delivered on hiring the leadership team, streamlining core HR processes, creating a comprehensive HR policy and competency model. I admire Harsha’s focus in understanding my hospital requirements and working closely with my management team and me as a trusted advisor. He will be my go-to-man for all strategic HR requirements."

  • Mr. C. Chandra Sekhar
    Executive Director,
    Global Hospitals Group,
    Hyderabad, India

    "We engaged the services of Sri Harsha and Sarvagnya Solutions for a thorough diagnostic study in the area of human resources function in 2 of our hospitals at Hyderabad and Bangalore which had several teething problems. The study conducted by Sri Harsha provided us a clear idea of where we stood on the topic of HR policies as envisaged and their actual translation as they were practiced and understood. I can confidently say that the study is still serving us as a reference document and commend the insights that he has brought both in the domains of HR in general and Healthcare HR in specific. I recommend Sarvagnya to organisations desirous of embracing best in their industry HR practices".

  • Dr. Harish Pillai
    Chief Executive Officer,
    As-Salam International Hospital,
    Cairo, Egypt

    “We are delighted to state that the comprehensive organisation wide HR diagnostic study done by Sarvagnya using the proprietary tool - ‘SCOPE’ across 18 specific parameters helped our Human Resources Department to re align our resources more effectively towards operational and business needs. The continuous online support that you have provided to our team has also helped us optimize our performance management and manpower deployment systems. As a healthcare market leader in North Africa & Egypt, these systems will facilitate the natural growth of our company as we create multiple healthcare entities across the care spectrum. We wish you and the team continued success in all your endeavours.”

  • Mr. R. M. Vidyasagar Reddy
    Managing Director,
    Snigdha Marketing Limited (Servomax Group),
    Hyderabad, India.

    "Mr Sri Harsha always yearns to deliver the best to the client. He spends long hours with client understanding their business process and brain-storming several ideas to know what would work best for the client Organisation. He makes it a point to interact with a cross section of people at the client Organisation for gaining balance perspective. We have engaged his services for Executive Training to Sales Team and preparing Sales Process & Objective Review Document. We are very satisfied with the outcome and adopted the process for sales review at Snigdha Marketing Limited."


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