Competency Modeling

Deploying competent staff is critical and strategic aspect to drive efficiencies and desired outcomes in the organizational eco-system. This creates a positive impact on the customer satisfaction scores and organizational profitability. Sarvagnya’s competency modeling framework determines the specific competencies that are characteristic of peak performance of a job. Our time tested methodologies facilitate clients to identify and develop powerful tools and processes to assess the levels of competencies of human resources deployed at various critical touch points in the organization.

Our step by step process for Competency Modeling is as follows:

 Conduct an environmental due diligence to profile the organization.

 Conduct briefing sessions with the key decision makers.

 Identify the executive sponsor and create a Competency Project Management Committee and its plan.

 Identify job competencies, behavioral and performance indicators. Diagnose them.

 Establish Competency Model and Assessment Toolkit

Outcomes for the client:

 Our experience and knowhow would enable clients to evolve a robust competency modeling and assessment methods.

 Use it for competency based training and development programs.

 Have a focused approach while hiring and look for the right competencies. This will facilitate in making good hiring decisions.

 Create a competency based performance management system to evaluate employees.

  • Ms. Pooja Nair
    Sr. Trainer,
    Hyderabad, India

    "Competency Based Training Workshop This will help me think a step ahead of Kirkpatrick’s model, calculate ROI and produce tangible data. This training helped me to identify what kind of a learner I am and which areas do I work on to make my trainings more effective. I will definitely recommend it to others. The reading material provided is amazing and user friendly."


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