Our Approach

“To be competitive, organizations need to shift focus from what people learn (that is training) to what they do (that is, performance)”

Growing organizations that are on the upswing of maturity curve invest heavily on developing their employees to realize the organizational aspirations. Sarvagnya has a professional and process efficient approach to training function and its administration. We take a professional and systematic approach to study the learning culture and the environment in the client organization and recommend a training policy frameworks that efficiently run various training toolkits and learning systems designed on need basis.

Our consultants have excellent professional background to identify and analyze the training needs and design training programs that effectively enhance the knowledge, skills and behavioural standards of employees at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. Our trainers are “trained trainers” and are international assessment practitioners of psychometric tools such as MBTI, Thomas Profiling, EQ-i 2.0, EQi 360 and Profiling Instruments. These tools have international recognition and have outstanding track record of accomplishments.

Our leadership development programs produce powerful results to the organization. We undertake quantifiable performance improvement projects through the leadership coaching initiatives. Our seasoned consultants who have work experience of a Chief learning Officer and CEOs take up Executive Coaching of the senior executives and use time tested tools such as MBTI, EQ-i 2.0, and EQi 360 to coach them to be highly effective. To develop other levels of associates in the organization, we use tools such as Thomas Profiling and profiling instruments.

Our service offerings in the training and coaching are:

  Conduct the due diligence of the training function and profile of the organization

  Create an effective training policy framework

  Identify gaps in performance

  Analyze training needs of the employees, teams and organization and classify the training needs.

  Design training programs based on the classification of training needs and also the learning culture prevalent in the organization

  Deliver the training programs

  Evaluate the training effectiveness and fill the gaps

  Provide Executive Coaching services to be highly effective leaders

Outcomes to the client’s are:

  Scientific approach to training need identification and analysis

  Create a learning culture to foster organizational performance

  Designing training programs that actually improve the organization, team and individual level performance

  Development of trainers within the organization

 Coach the leaders in the organization with time tested and internationally reputed tools

  • Dr. Harish Pillai
    CEO ,
    Aster Medcity & Cluster Head Kerala.

    “We were delighted to host Sri Harsha one of country’s most dynamic and talented trainers and HR thought leader in our midst for our specialized Consultant engagement meeting – Insync 2017 on January 7th and 8th, 2017. The module on ‘Super Star Doctor- delivering the clinical excellence 2.0' was a power packed and engaging presentation full of interactive sessions; team participations; animated bids and discussions. There was a unanimous consensus amongst our senior doctors that the weekend module was time well invested in bonding amongst colleagues and also learning new dimensions of soft power that helps to define a successful clinician. Thanks once again Harsha for your time and efforts in being in our midst and we look forward to further engagements in the near future.”

  • Dr. G N Ramesh,
    Lead Consultant ,
    Gastroenterology and Integrated Liver Care, Aster Medcity, Cochin.

    “It gives me great pleasure to pen a few lines of appreciation for Mr. Harsha. Over the last 20 years of my career as a Clinical Gastroenterologist, I have been involved in organizing many workshops and team building exercises, that have involved many trainers. Certainly, Mr. Harsha has been one of the most outstanding of those trainers. His session with the doctors of Aster Medicity, Cochin, as a part of In-Sync 2017, will definitely be remembered as one of the most energetic and engrossing sessions. The style, mannerisms and content were awe-inspiring. Towards the end of the session, each one of us felt that we were well on our road map towards becoming a ‘Superstar Doctor’. Seldom do trainers evoke so much of participation and excitement as Mr. Harsha did. It was, indeed, a great opportunity for me to have been able to interact with Mr.Harsha on the sidelines of ‘In Sync 2017’. On behalf of all of us, the medical fraternity of Aster Medcity, I deem it my good fortune to be able to wish Mr.Harsha many more fruitful and exciting sessions like the one he provided us with. We wish him all the very best in his future endeavours.”

  • Dr. Ramesh Kancharla,
    Chairman & Managing Director,
    Rainbow Hospitals Group,India.

    "I have engaged Sri Harsha of Sarvagnya, during December 2012 to January 2014, to help me in revamping our HR department to align with our goals of expansion & growth. Harsha has used “SCOPE” tool like how a doctor uses pathology investigations and reports to diagnose the HR and bring in important changes. He has delivered on hiring the leadership team, streamlining core HR processes, creating a comprehensive HR policy and competency model. I admire Harsha’s focus in understanding my hospital requirements and working closely with my management team and me as a trusted advisor. He will be my go-to-man for all strategic HR requirements."

  • Mr. Nagavardhan
    Asst. Director,
    Opticals Business,
    L.V.Prasad Eye Institute,
    Hyderabad, India.

    "Thank you very much for your wonderful and rejuvenating training sessions to our staff. We are sure the training will help the staff perform better in their jobs and contribute to improve patient satisfaction and sales. Also the training has sensitized the staff on important aspects of their job profiles and their deliverables in fulfilling vision and mission of our organization. We thoroughly enjoyed our interactions and truly impressed with your efforts in meeting our training needs. We look forward to a long term association with you".

  • Ms. Pooja Nair
    Sr. Trainer,
    Hyderabad, India

    "Competency Based Training Workshop This will help me think a step ahead of Kirkpatrick’s model, calculate ROI and produce tangible data. This training helped me to identify what kind of a learner I am and which areas do I work on to make my trainings more effective. I will definitely recommend it to others. The reading material provided is amazing and user friendly."


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