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Note: If you choose Option 2, the 3 Personal Coaching Sessions at a later date would be charged at ₹25,000/-

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June 2, 2023
10 AM to 6 PM


Hotel Marigold,

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May 31, 2023

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About the Program

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential Today!

“Talent is the key differentiator of success in every human endeavour. People with Entrepreneurial Talents build large businesses, exceed sales targets, surpass profit goals, create jobs, impact growth and many more.” – Dr. Sri Harsha Govardhana

But can anyone learn these Entrepreneurial Talents? The answer is a resounding YES! Whether you're a corporate leader looking to turn your great ideas into reality or a business owner in any phase of your entrepreneurial journey, our program can help you succeed.
We use time-tested assessment tools, training, and coaching methodology that has been extensively researched for over 25 years, benefiting millions of people worldwide. Our program will help you identify the areas you need to work on now to increase your chances of success as your venture grows.
Our unique program also increases your awareness of the competencies required to scale your business growth, prevent decline, and succeed throughout your entrepreneurial journey. We offer you the opportunity to test your Entrepreneurial Talents before taking the plunge.
Don't miss out on the chance to unlock your full potential as an entrepreneur. Join our program today and start achieving your goals!

Highlighting the benefits of our workshop

Based on internationally renowned psychometric assessment tools

Over 6 million entrepreneurs and managers take this assessment each year

Useful to Entrepreneurs and Leaders at different stages of their business journey

Helps identify strengths and development areas in formulating a business idea, taking it to market, growing it, and renewing it when business declines/levels off

Helps discover entrepreneurial blind spots

Helps learn the behaviours and tactics that influence success

Identifies strengths and development areas in innovation cycles of Innovating, Marketing, Growing and Renewing

Flexible packages to choose from
Option 1: High Impact Workshop followed by 3 personal coaching sessions
Option 2: High Impact Workshop

About Master Trainer and Coach

Meet Dr. Sri Harsha Govardhana, the master trainer of the Entrepreneurial Talents for Business Success workshop and coaching. With 33 years of global experience as an Entrepreneur, CEO, Board Director, and Vice President, he has coached, trained and consulted with over 125,000 plus business leaders and executives across North America, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Harsha's extensive top management experience and exceptional track record in Business Strategy, Operational Turnaround, HR, OD, Training, Sales and Marketing and Business Operations in large-scale global organizations have made him a trusted expert in the field. His multifaceted industry exposure across multiple geographies, coupled with high-quality education and certifications from premier institutions (such as Doctorate in Organisational Psychology, IIM-Bangalore executive education, Marshall Goldsmith Executive & Team Coach, GCG Leadership & Team Coach, EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Coach, MBTI trainer, Entrepreneurial Edge Assessor, and DiSC Coach), make him an ideal guide to help clients achieve their goals in a systematic and goal-oriented manner.

Known as the go-to man in the industry, Harsha has mentored entrepreneurs and coached leaders in creating business models, strategic business plans, restructuring organizations, process reengineering, productivity and performance improvement initiatives, organizational policy frameworks, SOPs, performance monitoring, and more. He has built several tools such as Sarvaguna Indicator, EQ-SS, Vision Builder, 12BB-Business Model, CHANGE 3S-4P, SCOPE-HR Maturity Model, SCALE-Sales Maturity Model that have proven enormously useful for his clients in attaining their goals.

General Terms

1. Participants must submit government certificate of double vaccination a day before the workshop.
2. Sarvagnya reserves the right to change the venue. We could shift the dates or make it online, due to any Covid protocol restrictions imposed by Government.


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I would like to thank Dr. Sri Harsha Govardhana, the founder of Sarvagnya. I had enrolled for his workshop on entrepreneurship. I love the format in which the workshop is customised for every individual based on their behavioural style, strengths and development areas. Although the time spent in the workshop is barely for 6-8 hours it ensures that you re-think the direction in which your life and business are headed towards. He follows up the information session with One- to- One personal coaching sessions wherein he will ensure you follow a structured approach and fast-track the road to your next set of goals. After having implemented the strategy formed with his help and guidance for the last 12 months I can say that his approach is to simplify the situation (Problem/Opportunity) and help you find a solution that can be executed based on your personality. We wish you and the team at Sarvagnya Solutions a very bright future!

CERTIFICATE OF AWESOMENESS I will always be glad to inform all my family and friends that you, Mr. Sri Harsha, are one of the best entrepreneur coaches I have ever met. I do not know a coach who is as responsive, diligent and experienced as you are. You have always coached me with the intent of teaching me something that I do not know, you do not follow a menu card approach, but your approach to teaching every individual is depending on their experience and outlook. You do not force or ascertain your views or school of thoughts, but you have taken into consideration my outlook. With you, you have a lot of experience and you use that in helping us. We have had discussions on a wide array of topics and you have always taught me a lot during those discussions. The way you put forward what must be taught or told to any person is unique. I have been benefited with this coaching and I will always tell my circle of family and friends to approach you whenever they need help with their entrepreneur journey.

Success in business often makes us cozy and begets complacency. Especially when mid-career blues haunt us, you suddenly realise, the magic wand you wielded till then has dissipated. That's when it dawns on us, like body and mind, business acumen too needs rejuvenation. My search for an Entrepreneurial Coach, took me to several eminent ones. To my dismay, found most to be Mass Mentoring Programs. It was Sarvagnya Solutions' 'The Entrepreneur Program' by Sri Harsha which seemed promising. I incidentally discovered that it's an internationally acclaimed tool to asses our competencies. The most valuable part is the individual handholding by Sri Harsha through mentoring sessions, which help to pinpoint the flaws and the appropriate remedies to overcome. With his enormous HR and counseling expertise, Sri Harsha unlocks the innate potential in us, gives valuable insights and guides us like a beacon light to succeed in our entrepreneurial voyage. The Sarvagnya Solutions' The Entrepreneur Program, immensely benefitted me, completely changed my perspective and opened doors even where I just saw a window of an opportunity. Therefore I recommend Sarvagnya Solutions The Entrepreneur Program and wish Sri Harsha Govardhana the very best!

Meeting Harsha in 2017 is one of the best thing happened to me. We call him friend, mentor, advisor, knowledge bank and above all a great coach. He is an excellent trainer and with his abundant knowledge on multiple domains and industries makes him stand apart in this space. Personally his entrepreneur edge program has bought significant change in the way I am looking at my business. Definitely it is helping me in effective planning and strategy execution. The beauty of the program is not just a day long activity but followed by personal coaching post the program is helping us identifying the focus areas to improve personally through his Sarvaguna psychometric test feedback. Thank you Harsha for all the support and guidance. I am sure you would help Hyderabad and India in producing best entrepreneurs in days to come.

I must say ‘The Entrepreneur’ program conducted by Mr. Sri Harsha of Sarvagnya Solutions has brought a perceptible change in the way I now approach my business. The workshop & coaching sessions have helped me with insights and tactics to sharpen my focus and develop my growth areas. Mr. Harsha’s approach to training is unique. The program is personalized by focusing on our assessment reports to identify our growth areas and use time tested tactics to improve our effectiveness as an Entrepreneur. After the workshop I also went through 3 coaching sessions that helped me orient my actions more effectively. I strongly recommend all Entrepreneurs to attend this workshop and compulsorily opt for one-on-one coaching sessions with Mr. Harsha.

The session is a MUST to orient one self towards ENTREPRENEURSHIP and be successfull in all professional endoeavours in Corporate world. The workbook given to the participants has all possible "Critical to Success Factors" detailed.