September 15, 2023
3 PM to 5 PM IST

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) stands as a pivotal skill set for achieving success in the modern workplace, a fact particularly accentuated for High Potentials.

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Monitoring Performance - Online Workshop

September 22, 2023
3 PM to 5 PM IST

Simplify Performance Management with practical tools to boost employee motivation and achieve optimal performance levels.

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Business Model

October 6, 2023
3 PM to 5 PM IST

Business Model Innovation is key to getting desired business results. Helps ease out uncertain demands, get clarity on strategic business objectives and push the growth curve up.


Conflict Management


Conflicts cost dearly to organisations. Have you ever estimated, how much conflicts at workplace cost your organisation? “ … an estimated $359 billion in productivity lost in conflict …” - CPP Global

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