Business Model

Sustain the wrath of marketplace disruption with an inexpensive, reliable and easy to innovate business model that increases profitability and productivity. Business Model Innovation is key to getting desired business results. It eases out uncertain demand of your business, provides clarity on strategic business objectives and pushes the growth curve up.

OD & Transformational Change

We provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions to a global clientele in strategy formulation, organisation design, process reengineering, behavioral & cultural change, leadership-driven transformational change. Our consultants deploy CHANGE (Comprehensive organisational Health Assessment to Nurture sustainable Growth and organisational Effectiveness) framework to identify the Change Agenda and develop innovative solutions in collaboration with the client’s leadership team to transform the organisation and sustain the change.

Process Reengineering

In our practice we have observed many organizations suffering from innumerable “system ruts.” Our consultants have an impeccable track record of understanding the client’s actual business requirements and pioneering solutions to radically change the way things should work. We have reengineered processes to deliver efficient and effective business results that will save costs, improve quality and increase productivity. We use disruptive technologies to create expert systems, decision support tools, tracking systems, etc., for a collaborative work environment and to bring in transformational change.

Competency Modeling

Deploying competent staff is critical and strategic aspect to drive efficiencies and desired outcomes in the organizational eco-system. This creates a positive impact on the customer satisfaction scores and organizational profitability. Sarvagnya’s competency modeling framework determines the specific competencies that are characteristic of peak performance of a job. Our time tested methodologies facilitate clients to identify and develop powerful tools and processes to assess the levels of competencies of human resources deployed at various critical touch points in the organization.

Scope HR Maturity Model

SCOPE (Sarvagnya Comprehensive HRProfiling for Effectiveness) is a powerful tool to measure the HR Maturity in the organization. It provides comprehensive reports on the HR processes, and its alignment with the operational and strategic business plans. It also serves the purpose of identifying the Change Agenda to enhance the HR readiness to meet the organisational aspirations.

Marketing & Sales

Effective functioning of Marketing and Sales determines the success of any business. Our proprietary diagnostic tool, SCALE, measures the Marketing and Sales function of a business on 36 dynamic parameters and sets up a robust strategic implementation plan with a clear agenda to scale the business. Our approach guarantees measurable results in improving your strategic marketing and sales plans, setting up competitive goals, reaching the right customers with powerful contact methods, defining your core sales processes, ensuring customer satisfaction and more business.