Talent is the key differentiator of success in every human endeavor. People with Entrepreneurial Talents build large businesses, exceed sales targets, surpass profit goals, create jobs, impact growth and many more.-- SRI HARSHA GOVARDHANA

Can anyone learn these Entrepreneurial Talents?
Yes, anyone can with a Business Coach around to hone their Talents.

Business owners, whether you are in a start-up phase, growing phase or declining phase, Entrepreneurial Talents are must for your entrepreneurial journey.
And those of you tossing with the idea of starting a venture, here is an opportunity to get a Business Coach who can hone your Entrepreneurial Talents to succeed in your dream venture.

Why are we special to your Business Success?
We use time tested assessment tools, coaching methodology that is extensively researched over 25 years and that benefitted millions world-wide. We help you identify the areas you can start working on now to increase your chances of success as your venture grows. Our program increases your awareness of competencies required to scale your business growth, prevent declining and failing in your entrepreneurial journey.

Power Behind Our Coaching Process

How we do it?

We have 4 stages in our business coaching services.

Stage 1: Assessment

  • Entrepreneurial EDGE
  • Sarvagnya Indicator
  • Structured interview

STAGE 2: Goal Setting

  • Interpreting Results
  • Setting coaching goals 
  • Monitoring growth progress  

STAGE 3: Coaching

  • Business Vision and Goals
  • Business Model Development 
  • Policy Frameworks 

STAGE 4: Growth

  • Validating Financial Statements
  • Business Valuation 
  • Investor connect 

We use world class psychometric assessments that millions have benefitted to profile the Entrepreneurs personality and mindset. We use “Entrepreneurial EDGE,” authored by Dr. Roger Pearman, Dr. Daniel Parks and Dr. Barry Phillips to identify the 12 Entrepreneurial Competencies that are critical to the success of any Entrepreneur. Here is a Sample Report.

Then we use “Sarvaguna Indicator,” authored by Sri Harsha Govardhana to measure 10 behavioral competencies and modify behaviours to succeed in business. We also use our proprietary tool, “Business Aspiration Assessment” to identify gaps in your business aspirations and bridge them. Here is a Sample Report.

Once we complete the assessments, we will interpret the results of assessments and make a presentation on the findings to the Entrepreneur. Based on our discussions with the Entrepreneur, we will set goals and define the coaching agenda with a progress review framework.

Based on the assessment results and the goals set, we will coach the Entrepreneur on various critical to business aspects using our proprietary frameworks like Vision Builder, Business Model, Financial Planning, Marketing & Sales Strategic Planning, Operations Management and Process Development. Based on the packages opted by the Entrepreneur the coaching goals will be applied.

We help Entrepreneurs aspiring to scale their business through Venture Capital funding. We validate the financial statements, prepare the Business Valuation Report and introduce investors to the Entrepreneur. We conduct a Master Class to the Entrepreneurs to learn the art of presenting their business to the investors.

Our Business Coaching Packages

Coaching Fees (₹)





Success Fees (₹) NA NA 1,80,000 3,00,000
Coaching Duration(Month) 1 3 6 12
#Coaching Sessions 3 10 18 36
Hours / Sessions 2 2 2 2
Entrepreneur Personality Assessment EDGE & Sarvaguna EDGE & Sarvaguna EDGE & Sarvaguna EDGE & Sarvaguna
Business Aspiration Assessment EDGE SMART Goals 72 Parameters 234 Parameters 252 Parameters
Vision Builder Advisory Builder Tool - Basic Builder Tool - Advanced Builder Tool - Advanced
Business Model Advisory Builder Tool - Basic Builder Tool - Advanced Builder Tool - Advanced
Financial Planning Advisory Builder Tool - Basic Builder Tool - Advanced Builder Tool - Advanced
Business Valution - Premium (₹) NA NA 5,00,000 5,00,000
Marketing & Strategic Sales Planning Advisory Builder Tool - Basic Builder Tool - Advanced Builder Tool - Advanced
Operations Management NA NA Builder Tool - Basic Builder Tool - Advanced
Process Development NA NA Builder Tool - Basic Builder Tool - Advanced
Investor Connect Fees (₹) NA NA 2,00,000 +3% 2,00,000 +3%
Note: GST is extra