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"We took Harsha's executive coaching services for our leadership team (in India as well as in USA). He has wonderful tools, defined processes and commitment to deliver value for his clients. He is very competent in having meaningful conversations with leaders and to bring self reflections in coachees. In addition to that his ability to manage multiple stake holders and keeping them abrest on coachee development at the same time maintaining coachee confidential conversation are noteworthy.”

Mr. Suresh Anubolu

SVP & CHRO, Aragen Life Sciences

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to take your Entrepreneurial Skills Assessment test. Your test was comprehensive, insightful, and extremely well-structured, providing me with a clear understanding of my strengths and areas for improvement. The questions were thoughtfully crafted and covered a wide range of topics relevant to modern entrepreneurial skills. The test provided a holistic view of my skills, from strategic thinking to operational efficiency, and even interpersonal skills critical for effective leadership.
The feedback I received after completing the test was invaluable. It highlighted specific areas where I excel, as well as areas where I could benefit from further development. This feedback has already informed my professional development plan, and I am confident it will help me grow my career. I will gladly refer you to any of my friends, relatives, and colleagues who are seeking similar improvements in their careers.

Mr. Chadalavada Raghuram

Attorney & Founder of VINPRO, Specializing in Intellectual Property Laws.

The Entrepreneur Assessment tool, created by Dr. Sri Harsha Govardhana of Sarvagnya Solutions, serves as an invaluable resource for both budding and established entrepreneurs alike. Its breadth and depth of inquiry into various skill domains make it an indispensable asset for anyone venturing into or already immersed in the realm of entrepreneurship. The resulting report is easy to understand and offers profound insights, enabling entrepreneurs to gain a clear understanding of their strengths and areas necessitating improvement. Particularly commendable is the inclusion of the "points to ponder" section accompanying each skill, which prompts individuals to delve deeper into self-reflection and strategize their path towards personal and professional growth. I would highly recommend this assessment tool to all those who are looking to improve their entrepreneurial journey.

Mr. Jitendra Joshi

Founder, SportzVillage and Dhruvak

"I have worked with Harsha over the last two years on several occasions, coaching several employees in my organisation successfully over an extended period of time. Harsha has shown extraordinary ability to understand the points of concern in a multinational organisation, managing across several cultures and time zones. He is a very observant, analytical, patient and skilled listener, greatly helping me in overcoming several of the developmental challenges of our organisation.”

Dr. Axel Schleyer, Ph.D., MBA

President & CEO, Aragen Life Sciences

"It was a privilege to work with Sri Harsha. He builds a deep understanding of people and organizations through his (coaching) conversations. His clear and compassionate approach promotes new perspectives and learnings in both HR and business. I found every conversation with him valuable.”

Dr. Steven Lang, Ph.D., MBA

Vice President - Biologics, Aragen Life Sciences

“It gives me great pleasure to pen a few lines of appreciation for Mr. Harsha. Over the last 20 years of my career as a Clinical Gastroenterologist, I have been involved in organizing many workshops and team building exercises, that have involved many trainers. Certainly, Mr. Harsha has been one of the most outstanding of those trainers. His session with the doctors of Aster Medicity, Cochin, as a part of In-Sync 2017, will definitely be remembered as one of the most energetic and engrossing sessions. The style, mannerisms and content were awe-inspiring. Towards the end of the session, each one of us felt that we were well on our road map towards becoming a ‘Superstar Doctor’. Seldom do trainers evoke so much of participation and excitement as Mr. Harsha did. It was, indeed, a great opportunity for me to have been able to interact with Mr.Harsha on the sidelines of ‘In Sync 2017’. On behalf of all of us, the medical fraternity of Aster Medcity, I deem it my good fortune to be able to wish Mr.Harsha many more fruitful and exciting sessions like the one he provided us with. We wish him all the very best in his future endeavours.”

Dr. G N Ramesh

Lead Consultant , Gastroenterology and Integrated Liver Care, Aster Medcity, Cochin

“I am writing this to express my gratitude for supporting in my quest for excellence in my leadership Journey. I always felt that intelligence, Knowledge and hardwork are only important for achieving excellence in my journey. But your program has opened another angle and there is a paradigm shift in my thinking in my journey. The world Class Emotional assessment tools has really opened my thinking towards emotional controls in the journey towards excellence and various components have really helped to think in the right direction and my responses to various stimulus we encounter in our day to day real life situations. I cannot but thank you for you time we spent on ONE on ONE sessions after the workshop helped me more and strengthened my learning and various aspects you made me realize in my personality has helped me change. I think the best complement I can give to the program is that my 10 yr old daughter noticed change in my responses and mentioned to me that I do not get angry these days for her mischiefs. In fact I started enjoying her little mischiefs and helping her in instilling the right values in life. Your friendly manner and approachability enhanced the program value and deeply ingrained in me the concepts which are going to help in my Journey. Thanks Mr Harsha for a this great program and wish you design more such programs to help Senior Management Executives like myself in our journey for excellence.”

Mr. Ranjeet Gouni

Chief Operating officer, KIMS Hospitals, Kurnool

“I must say ‘The Entrepreneur’ program conducted by Mr. Sri Harsha of Sarvagnya Solutions has brought a perceptible change in the way I now approach my business. The workshop & coaching sessions have helped me with insights and tactics to sharpen my focus and develop my growth areas. Mr. Harsha’s approach to training is unique. The program is personalized by focusing on our assessment reports to identify our growth areas and use time tested tactics to improve our effectiveness as an Entrepreneur. After the workshop I also went through 3 coaching sessions that helped me orient my actions more effectively. I strongly recommend all Entrepreneurs to attend this workshop and compulsorily opt for one-on-one coaching sessions with Mr. Harsha.”

Mr. Purushotam Adi

Director, Aryavartha Technovation Private Limited,

"Meeting Harsha in 2017 is one of the best thing happened to me. We call him friend, mentor, advisor, knowledge bank and above all a great coach. “He is an excellent trainer and with his abundant knowledge on multiple domains and industries makes him stand apart in this space. Personally his entrepreneur edge program has bought significant change in the way I am looking at my business. Definitely it is helping me in effective planning and strategy execution. The beauty of the program is not just a day long activity but followed by personal coaching post the program is helping us identifying the focus areas to improve personally through his Sarvaguna psychometric test feedback. Thank you Harsha for all the support and guidance. I am sure you would help Hyderabad and India in producing best entrepreneurs in days to come.”

Mr. Nitesh Reddy

Founder and CEO,
Acads360 India Private Limited

“We were delighted to host Sri Harsha one of country’s most dynamic and talented trainers and HR thought leader in our midst for our specialized Consultant engagement meeting – Insync 2017 on January 7th and 8th, 2017. The module on ‘Super Star Doctor- delivering the clinical excellence 2.0' was a power packed and engaging presentation full of interactive sessions; team participations; animated bids and discussions. There was a unanimous consensus amongst our senior doctors that the weekend module was time well invested in bonding amongst colleagues and also learning new dimensions of soft power that helps to define a successful clinician. Thanks once again Harsha for your time and efforts in being in our midst and we look forward to further engagements in the near future.”

Dr. Harish Pillai

Aster Medcity & Cluster Head Kerala

"Harsha, I would like to thank Sarvagnya for the executive search services rendered in 2013. Your firm was invaluable to me in helping to find the two General Managers. I particularly like your approach that saved me an enormous amount of time. Your firm sifted through hundreds of resumes and presented me with the best few candidates. Not only did this save me time but also gave me the highest qualified candidates from the start. You were very comprehensive and you took the time with my company to develop the appropriate job and candidate profile. You also communicated with us every step of the way with updates and with feedback after interviews. Your communications were efficient and reached the pinnacle of professionalism. Thanks for your partnership!"

Mr. Joseph A. Nicholas,

President & CEO
Cancer Treatment Services International , Wexford, PA 15090, USA.

"I have engaged Sri Harsha of Sarvagnya, during December 2012 to January 2014, to help me in revamping our HR department to align with our goals of expansion & growth. Harsha has used “SCOPE” tool like how a doctor uses pathology investigations and reports to diagnose the HR and bring in important changes. He has delivered on hiring the leadership team, streamlining core HR processes, creating a comprehensive HR policy and competency model. I admire Harsha’s focus in understanding my hospital requirements and working closely with my management team and me as a trusted advisor. He will be my go-to-man for all strategic HR requirements."

Dr. Ramesh Kancharla

Chairman & Managing Director,
Rainbow Hospitals Group,India.

"I have explored / undergone several psychometric tests in my quest to explore the inner-self but no other evaluation comes anywhere closer to the report of Sarvaguna. It dissects your personality and unravels the vital 10 critical aspects of your personality. The man in the mirror is so clear to me after I have read this evaluation report! It also changed the way I perceived the information and reacted to the situation. I wish I had the Sarvaguna report 20 years ago!"

Mr. M. Subba Rao,

Executive Director,
Karvy Insurance Repository Limited, Hyderabad, India

"Sarvaguna Indicator® truly manifested my personality and I gained valuable insights of my self. Certainly the indicator is very helpful in reflecting one’s self and throwing the light on the areas of improvement. This tool will add value in hiring human resources where always it is difficult to judge a person with in few minutes of interaction. I am confident that the indicator would evolve as one of best tools for understanding personality types and suitability of a person for any given position".

Mr. Nagavardhan

Asst. Director, Opticals Business,
L.V.Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India

Recruiters often find it difficult to judge a prospect’s "attitude" and "personality." While skill, education and experience are one part, attitude can make a difference to the performance on the job. Sarvaguna is a complete tool offering this valuable insight into the individual's personality in a structured way. It ensures complete elimination of human bias and error in this qualitative function.

Mr. C. Chandra Sekhar

Group President ,
Apollo Hospitals Group and Group CEO, Apollo Health and Lifestyle

“We are delighted to state that the comprehensive organisation wide HR diagnostic study done by Sarvagnya using the proprietary tool - ‘SCOPE’ across 18 specific parameters helped our Human Resources Department to re align our resources more effectively towards operational and business needs. The continuous online support that you have provided to our team has also helped us optimize our performance management and manpower deployment systems. As a healthcare market leader in North Africa & Egypt, these systems will facilitate the natural growth of our company as we create multiple healthcare entities across the care spectrum. We wish you and the team continued success in all your endeavours.”

Dr. Harish Pillai

Chief Executive Officer,
As-Salam International Hospital, Cairo, Egypt

"Mr Sri Harsha always yearns to deliver the best to the client. He spends long hours with client understanding their business process and brain-storming several ideas to know what would work best for the client Organisation. He makes it a point to interact with a cross section of people at the client Organisation for gaining balance perspective. We have engaged his services for Executive Training to Sales Team and preparing Sales Process & Objective Review Document. We are very satisfied with the outcome and adopted the process for sales review at Snigdha Marketing Limited."

Mr. R. M. Vidyasagar Reddy

Managing Director,
Snigdha Marketing Limited (Servomax Group), Hyderabad, India.

“I would like to thank Mr. Sri Harsha Govardhana, the founder of Sarvagnya. I had enrolled for his workshop The Entreprenuer. I love the format in which the workshop is customised for every individual based on their behavioural style, stregnths and development areas. Although the time spent in the workshop is barely for 6-8 hours it ensures that you re-think the direction in which your life and buisness are headed towards. He follows up the information session with One- to- One personal coaching sessions wherein he will ensure you follow a structured approach and fast-track the road to your next set of goals. After having implemented the strategy formed with his help and guidance for the last 12 months I can say that his approach is to simplify the situation (Problem/Opportunity) and help you find a solution that can be executed based on your personality. We wish you and the team at Sarvagnya Solutions a very bright future!”

Mr. Varun Jain

Autofin Limited (dealers for Maruti Suzuki and Honda Motorcycles and Scooters)

"The session is a MUST to orient one self towards ENTREPRENEURSHIP and be successfull in all professional endoeavours in Corporate world. The workbook given to the participants has all possible "Critical to Success Factors" detailed."

Mr. Subodh Singh

Vice President,
KIMS Hospitals Kondapur, Hyderabad

"Competency Based Training Workshop This will help me think a step ahead of Kirkpatrick’s model, calculate ROI and produce tangible data. This training helped me to identify what kind of a learner I am and which areas do I work on to make my trainings more effective. I will definitely recommend it to others. The reading material provided is amazing and user friendly."

Ms. Pooja Nair

Sr. Trainer,ADP,
Hyderabad, India

"Excellent conduct of program Harsha! It is very interesting to know me and I was able to identify areas of improvement and blind spots."

Dr. Jothi Clara J Micheal

Global Hospitals,
Chennai, India

“We at Arghyam, greatly appreciate the MBTI team building programme conducted by Mr Sri Harsha of Sarvagnya and believe it has delivered to expectations. Mr. Sri Harsha's presentation was excellent and set the tone for a useful interaction. The subject was covered in a logical and informative manner. The pace and flow were appropriate. The learning exercises were very valuable. Mr. Sri Harsha managed to facilitate a high level of team involvement which was well received by all……. Many members commented that they found this effort useful both individually and collectively.”

Ms. Mala Subramaniam

Chief Executive Officer,
Arghyam, Bangalore, India

"I have attended MBTI program on 'Managerial Effectiveness" conducted by Mr. Sri Harsha. This one day session was designed perfectly to cover the topic and the outcome has been excellent. Personally to me it helped to know and understand my MBTI profile and importantly highlighted blind spots in my behaviour. I was able to work on my blind spots and made necessary adjustments to overcome them. I have also nominated two of my managers for 'Competency Based Training’ Certification program conducted by Mr. Sri Harsha. This training program was very helpful for my managers. I highly recommend these training programs to all professionals who are keen on their career progression."

Mr. NG Bharateesh Reddy

Senior General Manager Operations Unit Head,
Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore, India

"We found 'Sarvaguna Indicator® ' as an excellent online assessment tool for our strategic HR applications of selection & career development.

The assessment is easy to administer & the reports are comprehensive with invaluable insights on the team member’s personality, job capability & development plan.

We admire your consistent efforts to innovate & constantly upgrade your high quality tools & services to enhance customer experience."

Mr. Yoon Euisung

Head- HR & GA,
Hyundai Motor India Engineering Pvt Ltd.

"Sarvaguna Indicator® threw light on many of the facets of my personality which I have been struggling to uncover. It helped me to realize the windows which were blocking me in becoming a better professional. The tool offers exhaustive report covering all the aspects of a complete professional. Very insightful and outstanding in its capability to unleash the inside. The tool is very simple to be taken up by anybody. It will be of great help for HR folks in majority of their activities."

Mr. Anjaneya Reddy Gangavarapu

General Manager,
Human Resources, Citizens Hospital, Hyderabad, India

“PROBEEI deeply probed our talent profiling methods and unveiled an insightful dimension in our team members. The assessment process is simple and the reports are accurate and effective. It gave us independent assessment in our selection and career progression process for our employees. It is an excellent decision making tool for the strategic HR practice. We are impressed with the tool and will soon administer the same on all our key employees across the globe.”

Mr. Jungwon Koh

General Manager,
Hyundai Motor India Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, India

The session organized by Sarvagnya was fabulous where the master trainer Sri Harsha involved all the participants to create their own model of Business Innovation. The interaction through digital mode was very engaging and up to the point. Kudos to the team.

Mr. Devanand Kolothodi

Aster Prime Hospital (Aster DM Healthcare)

I attended Sri Harsha's online workshop on Business Model Innovation, about 2 weeks ago. It was an excellent workshop, that will help any entrepreneur any time.
The program helped me recall the fact that the modelling activity has two parts:
Part one: Includes all the activities associated with making something: designing it, purchasing raw materials, manufacturing, and so on.
Part two: Includes all the activities associated with selling something: finding and reaching customers, transacting a sale, distributing the product, or delivering the service.
The workshop also introduce us to a "business model canvas” that essentially is an organized way to lay out your assumptions about not only the key resources and key activities of your value chain, but also your value proposition, customer relationships, channels, customer segments, cost structures, and revenue streams — to see if you’ve missed anything important and to compare your model to others.
I recommend all our entrepreneur friends must take time out and attend the workshop.

Mr. Arun Kumar

Elemantra Enterprises Private Limited

Had a great workshop on business model innovation. Was not just informative but hands on and simple to break down. I would recommend definitely for building your business canvas.

Ms. Mehak Narula

WE the Circle

“Wow..an amazing new session I attended today. The way to approach Business Model is Simplified. Rather I would say the way to look into your business every day is Defined/Refined. Like an year has 12 months - the "Business Model" has 12 building blocks.While everyone works on it everyday - the effectiveness brings the desired result.Which means the 12 building blocks have to be sequenced, seasoned and played well as per the long/mid/short term goals or needs.
The 5 dimension approach explained today is the BIG TAKE AWAY I had from the session.Considerations & Attributes of each building block are like weeks & days of year, which you live "Day-in and Day-out". So how was your day? means how is that attribute working?
In Business-Not that we do not know what we do!!-
How well do we know everything we do?
How solid you have built the model and measuring it to KNOW?.
How good are the controls to keep the direction right?
If the answer is NO then it is must to attend this session and KNOW.
Be it a startup, Matured Business, Service Sector, Manufacturing, Technology Companies, Trading etc. this is for all.
If it is a YES also attending this session gives you a different approach and ideas even if you are in growth phase.
Thank you Harsha sir for such a wonderful session. I would not like to mention about the price you charged for this session. Because the VALUE gets insulted if I talk about price.”

Mr. MS Dhheeraj

Amigo Autospa

“I attended the training on ‘Business Model Innovation’ conducted by Mr Sri Harsha on the 25th May 2020. I realized I did the right thing of attending it. It was a wonderful session by him making it simpler to understand and plan the future action. I am in need of bringing in innovation and have to change the present way of marketing post Covid lockdown period. This is going to work for me as a stitch in time. I thank Mr. Harsha once again. I will recommend his training and services to all. I wish him the best.”

Mrs. Supriya Bhalerao

Booksline, a unit of SRAS Foundation:

CERTIFICATE OF AWESOMENESS I will always be glad to inform all my family and friends that you, Mr. Sri Harsha, are one of the best entrepreneur coaches I have ever met. I do not know a coach who is as responsive, diligent and experienced as you are. You have always coached me with the intent of teaching me something that I do not know, you do not follow a menu card approach, but your approach to teaching every individual is depending on their experience and outlook. You do not force or ascertain your views or school of thoughts, but you have taken into consideration my outlook. With you, you have a lot of experience and you use that in helping us. We have had discussions on a wide array of topics and you have always taught me a lot during those discussions. The way you put forward what must be taught or told to any person is unique. I have been benefited with this coaching and I will always tell my circle of family and friends to approach you whenever they need help with their entrepreneur journey.”

Mr. Jasmeet Singh

Global Technologies

"Success in business often makes us cozy and begets complacency. Especially when mid-career blues haunt us, you suddenly realise, the magic wand you wielded till then has dissipated. That's when it dawns on us, like body and mind, business acumen too needs rejuvenation. My search for an Entrepreneurial Coach, took me to several eminent ones. To my dismay, found most to be Mass Mentoring Programs. It was Sarvagnya Solutions' 'The Entrepreneur Program' by Sri Harsha which seemed promising. I incidentally discovered that it's an internationally acclaimed tool to asses our competencies. The most valuable part is the individual handholding by Sri Harsha through mentoring sessions, which help to pinpoint the flaws and the appropriate remedies to overcome. With his enormous HR and counseling expertise, Sri Harsha unlocks the innate potential in us, gives valuable insights and guides us like a beacon light to succeed in our entrepreneurial voyage. The Sarvagnya Solutions' The Entrepreneur Program, immensely benefitted me, completely changed my perspective and opened doors even where I just saw a window of an opportunity. Therefore I recommend Sarvagnya Solutions' The Entrepreneur Program and wish Sri Harsha Govardhana the very best!”

Mr. KM Sreenivasulu

Executive Director at Totem PR,
a leading Public Relations agency in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

“ The Importance of a Right coach:Andy Murray The former World No 1 tennis pros Life is a living testimony giving importance of a Right Personnel coach. Andy Murray was world’s No. 4 until 2011, He would win tournaments, not titles. But in the year 2012 He hired a personal coach Ivan Lendl and the results were The Olympic Gold and the US Open in 2012 and in 2013 the Wimbledon (Titles) and he became the World No.1 . The take away from this achievement is We need Different Coaches to get different results. When You are a child Your mother was your life coach, In School it’s your teacher, at collage it’s your lecturer, If you have inherited the Business To take off, then it’s your Dad, Uncles or Brothers. But when you want TO TAKE OVER, I recommend - The Entrepreneur (Workshop Cum Coaching) By Sri Harsha (Author-Happiness, The Managing Director of Sarvagnya Solutions) To Engage – To Discover & To Refresh.”

Mr.Benedict Ceaser

Pelican Services Pvt Ltd

Harsha Sir, my coach, plays a pivotal role in shaping up my overall self. His trainings on emotional intelligence has helped me tweak my overall character in a positive way. Sarvagnya EQ coaching is one of the best program I have taken. I learnt a great deal and gained valuable awareness and knowledge to apply it in personal and professional life. The personal attention I got from Harsha Sir (in spite of his busy schedule) is very invaluable. It is a must-do coaching for all leaders as the journey begins from the top. Sarvaguna Indicator Tool for assessing new joiners is super effective. I use this tool from time to time.

Harsha Sir, always goes out of the way to help others and make sure that they succeed. I am so honoured and privileged to be associated with him. Really appreciate the great service you do to help entrepreneurs like me to grow. I will strongly recommend you to all my contacts so they can avail and benefit from your services.

Mr. Binoy Koshy

Research City

Sriharsha sir, is an excellent coach and mentor for business owners and business managers. He comes with a vast experience in diverse fields and takes on every student and their challenges as his own. He gives simple easy to do solutions for complex problems and advises perfectly on growth or consolidation based on the time, situation and opportunities. He has got an eagles eye view of your problems and suggests the best path suited for your business. I personally have attended his workshop and taken personal advise and coaching from him. He is a class apart and highly recommend for companies and CEOs for their personal and business growth.

Dr. Vikas Gowd

Director and Dental Surgeon,
Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals

We engaged Sarvagnya for a workshop with our Marketing Leaders in 2019. Having worked in healthcare industry Sri Harsha could understand our challenges instantaneously and establish connect with the Marketing Leads from across the country, invigorating in them high spirits and instilling in them the right things to do for the firms short and long term success. Many thanks for this valued sharing.

Mr. Biju Nair

Head of Marketing,
IHH Healthcare India

Just received a certificate of competence for attending the online workshop on Competency-Based Training organized by Mr.Sri Harsha Govardhana, Sarvagnya solutions Pvt Ltd.Heartful gratitude for giving me the key insights on a competency framework, models, various rating scales etc.The learning styles questionnaire helped me to understand my style of learning.The entire training process was designed in a structured way.With high esteem,will certainly recommend this training program to others.

Dr.Ramya Hari

Academic Head,
Apollo Medskills Pvt Ltd.

A coach and mentor who guides and understands. Had the opportunity to attend the Business Innovation workshop which was handled dexterously. Personally look forward to joining hands for more hands-on coaching in the future.

Mr. Elton Nathan

Group Head - Learning and Development,
Apollo Health and Life Style Limited.

I’ve attended Mr. Sri Harsha’s Business Model Innovation Workshop and presented the project as well. It is a highly knowledgeable session. I recommend this workshop to every company especially start ups. If the foundation of a company is set properly, then it can grow by leaps and bounds.

Mr. Sandeep Reddy

Diyos Infotech

Sri Harsha is a very eloquent and energetic trainer. He speaks with clarity and passion, and is able to inspire every participant. His Business Model Innovation workshop offers insights into framework one can use to develop new, unique concepts to deliver enhanced value to the customers. Excellent stuff!

Mr. Rupinder Kaur

Vice President,
Special Projects and International, Apollo Hospitals Group

I have been working with Mr Sri Harsha Govardhana for the past 1 year on multiple aspects and I would like to pass this recommendation based on my experience from the Entrepreneur Workshop and the 1 - 1 coaching sessions with him.

I attended the Entrepreneur Workshop, a day long interactive workshop, conducted with great passion and energy by Mr Sri Harsha Govardhana. The preparation for the workshop involved a couple of detailed assessments which probe into multiple aspects on how we think - consciously, sub-consciously, act, react, lead, dream, achieve etc. The workshop was equally exciting and was attended by a very limited set of entrepreneurs with diverse experience and view points. Mr Sri Harsha Govardhana made sure that the critical areas and key lines of thought core to the success of every entrepreneur were personalised to each trainee and he reenforced on areas which we were performing well and emphasised on the areas which each one of us were lacking in. Post this workshop on self-evaluation I had identified a few areas which needed course correction and have been working towards updating them.

Post the Workshop I interacted with Mr Sri Harsha Govardhana in 1-2-1 sessions on a few areas which I had identified to be changed and he proposed very meaningful and practical approaches which I had applied in our business as well and we have already started to see results for some of the changes.

One thing which I had observed during the workshop and also during my interactions with Mr Sri Harsha Govardhana is that he very keenly listens to you when you speak, analyses each of the statements, puts himself in your shoes, uses his vast experience and proposes a solution which is what differentiates him from other coaches.

It has been a privilege to have been working with him and would love to continue working with him. I would highly recommend Mr Sri Harsha Govardhana and his workshops to my network.

Mr. Hitachandra Kanaparti

Co-founder and CEO,
Next Drive Transportation and Services Private Limited

“When a great idea bites the man turns entrepreneur and starts his ship to conquer the worlds he has seen while stirring the idea in his head. This journey of entrepreneur is an interesting and amazing one but also a purposeful one. Motivation is like a fuel which can be filled when its empty but direction is something that's always to be monitored. There are always pressing demands in business, but the continuous action for the right direction of sailing is critical, this is what the entrepreneur workshop gives, I have never seen such a simple way of decoding what's in the mind of entrepreneur and then enabling him to sail for the shores he chose. The report is amazing which tells who you are as an entrepreneur, what you possess, how you can compensate for what you do not possess and what's your action plan. The way Mr. Harsha conducts the session in unbelievable, I saw things getting decoded in my mind during the session. Here comes the icing on the cake in the form of one to one guidance given by Mr. Sri Harsha, to help you in chalking out an action plan to move forward. The entrepreneur session that I attended was like a compass, today I have better tools to monitor my direction, emotions, actions and results. I would definitely recommend this to fellow entrepreneurs of every nature and size of business and for the want to be entrepreneurs also. Entrepreneurs need not be born but can be made- MS Dhheeraj! With a coach like Sri Harsha & company like Sarvagnya Solutions, one willing to become entrepreneur can definitely become better entrepreneurs. We thank and admire him a lot. He has added value into our company.”

Mr. M S Dhheeraj

Founder and CEO,
Amigo Autospa Private Limited

I have done entrepreneur workshop cum coaching by Sri Harsha of Sarvagnya Solutions.This is a very unique program and 121 coaching with Sri Harsha Sir has completely changed my approach towards my business and gives complete insight and in-depth details about myself which even I did not knew and one comes to know areas to focus on .I can feel lot of good changes in myself after the program and can see growth in my business .I strongly recommend all Entrepreneurs to attend this workshop and one-on-one coaching sessions from Sri Harsha of Sarvagnya Solutions

Mr.Pranay Jain

Lalchand Hastimal Jewellers

“Sri Harsha popularly known as Harsha garu, is a professional with immense knowledge and practical approach to a given problem. He has demonstrated his ability to handle and resolve complex situations multiple times in various stages of his professional career. Programs conducted by him are very scientific and conclusions are through various patented world renowned psychometric tests. To his credit he has developed a patented psychometric test which is in use by various large corporate houses like Hyundai, Coromandel to name a few. I have personally attended his program “The Entrepreneur Workshop”. It has given me immense benefit to identify my core strengths and areas of improvement to increase by efficiency in being a successful entrepreneur. Mr. Sri Harsha’s strengths can be summarized as below:

1. He has the ability to make a below average person to perform through his workshops and coaching.

2. He is a person who is a true business coach and measures his own performance through increase in productivity of his coachees.

3. He walks the talk.

4. His workshops have limited participants which give the opportunity to justify the learning, as one can learn better through personal attention.

5. His one on one coaching is an excellent approach which makes the coachee to measure his/her performance on critical matrixes.

With this in background it gives me immense pleasure and pride to refer him to my near and dear ones with 100% confidence. Wishing Sri Harsha Govardhana all the very best in all his future endeavors.”

Mr.Sumant Mahapatra

Managing Director,
NatureKart Global Agronomy LLP

"I attended the VUCA program of Sri Harsha’s which really focused on business development during market fluctuations. The course was inspiring and made me re-think and re-create the way I was doing traditional business. Harsha combines his talents as a speaker with his great skills and ability to teach complex concepts in a manner that easily understandable. I would recommend going to any of Harsha’s course. He is one of Windsor's in making true business leaders."

Mr. Jaipal Reddy

Bomax Enterprises

The Blue Ocean Strategy
It was an amazing insightful session that was highly essential for our kind of products. We are into natural and organic products. My blue ocean becomes red and I run into competition knowingly and caught unawares many times with every product. 😊 As a first generation entrepreneur, while I am learning new concepts, now I am beginning to put things with our company into perspective. This session has changed my approach to the current situation and to re strategize our business plan to an evidence based planning that the Blue Ocean Strategy intends.
It was great to draw from the ocean of knowledge and experience that Dr. Sri Harsha carries. Simplifying complex theories to processes to the understanding of any management illiterate with appropriate examples is his forte. Definitely looking forward for more.
All those who have not attended have missed out on some practical wisdom which is relevant for both services and products.

Rama Siddella

EDEN Is All Natural

I recently attended the “Blue Ocean Strategy” workshop conducted by Dr. SriHarsha Govardhana, An Entrepreneur, Board Director & CEO, MD – Sarvagnya Solutions Pvt Ltd.
A well-described session guiding us to set sight on uncharted & hi-potential areas for achieving exponential business growth using the Six Principles & Four Actions Framework of BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY. Dr. SriHarsha propels our thoughts, to go beyond the cut-throat competition and stifling growth environment, for creating a new market segment and to dominate as The Market Leader.
Dr. SriHarsha has evolved yet another platform to transform Entrepreneurship and Business skills of individuals to achieve their potential.

Subodh Singh BK

Hospital Planning & Implementation, KIMS Hospitals

Would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr Harsha for his dedication and hard work in teaching us about Blue Ocean Strategy. I truly appreciate his engaging teaching style and how he connected real-life examples to the concepts, making it easier for us, the attendees to grasp the material. This approach enhanced our understanding and motivated us to explore the subject further. Thank you once again for his commitment to our education.

Jayanti Chatterjee

Vice President & Unit Head,
AMRI Hospitals - Salt Lake, Kolkata

I would like to thank Sri Harsha sir for explaining Blue Ocean strategy in a very detailed manner and giving detailed inputs specific to my industry and guiding us to take the path of Competition free environment for a Healthy Business growth.
Under his guidance we have started implementing some key features of this strategy in our organization.

G. Sandeep Kumar

Snithik Technologies

From the very beginning, Dr. Govardhana impressed us with his excellent content, powerful delivery, and great presentation skills. He was able to simplify complex concepts and tailor them to our specific industry. The training was comprehensive and covered every aspect of the Blue Ocean Strategy, providing us with a deeper understanding of how to create uncontested market space.
What impressed me the most was Dr. Govardhana's ability to keep our team engaged throughout the entire training process. His energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and his real-world examples brought the concepts to life. The training was not only informative but also fun and interactive, creating an environment where everyone felt comfortable asking questions and participating in discussions.
Furthermore, Dr. Govardhana's process flow was impeccable. He started with the basics and gradually built upon them, ensuring that everyone was able to follow along and grasp the concepts. His step-by-step approach allowed us to easily implement the strategies discussed during the training into our business.

Dr Raja Rachuri

Managing Director
HERBZ Life Retail Pvt Ltd (HERBZ Ayurveda)

I recently attended his online Training on Blue Ocean Strategy which transforms our vision to create uncontested market spaces for profitable growth.
The key mantra is summed up in five W and one H : -
* WHAT - to do to be the uncontested leader in respective business.
* WHERE - area’s of unexplored clientele for your business.
* WHO - should be a market creator.
* WHY - we should focus on big picture and not the numbers
* WHEN - to introspect & revive strategy and get the right strategic sequence.
And Lastly
* HOW - to overcome organizational & market hurdles and create a perfect strategy to be uncontested Leader.

Sri Harsha Govardhana sessions are class apart and to know one must experience his training and coaching and I strongly recommend him to my FROGS i.e. Friends, Relatives, Organisations, Geographically businesses near to my place and Social Media.

J K Somani

Managing Director
Somani Trading Company Private Limited