SCOPE (Sarvagnya Comprehensive HRProfiling for Effectiveness)
is a powerful tool to measure the HR Maturity in the organization. It provides comprehensive reports on the HR processes, and its alignment with the operational and strategic business plans. It also serves the purpose of identifying the Change Agenda to enhance the HR readiness to meet the organisational aspirations.

We deploy dynamic methods to validate the value of current HR process in a client organisation with an aim to improve the HR process quality, deliverable and cost. Our seasoned consultants apply time tested techniques to assess and improve the HR policy frameworks, job roles, job designs, work-flows, work-loads, value-to-cost ratios, functional processes, including automation and competency requirements.

Scope is our proprietary tool

Measures HR process maturity with co goals

Measures 18 HR parameters & 197 sub-parameters

Provides a goal directed change agenda

How It Helps

Adopts a focused approach to work on the change agenda emanating from our “HR Maturity Model –SCOPE” tool, which has 18 parameters and 197 sub-parameters, and scores each HR parameter on 9 point scale.

Establishes the HR policy frameworks to a higher maturity level to deliver on the organizational aspirations.

Benchmarks HR practices to the best in the industry and also to provide a competitive edge to attract and retain talent.

Creates robust, competency based HR sub-systems to increase individual effectiveness, enhance team collaboration and achieve organizational excellence.

Analyses the job roles and job designs to facilitate the achievement of highest performance standards.

Reengineers the work flows and reassesses the work loads to shed wastages, redundancies and transcend to global HR processes, practices and procedures