Sustain the wrath of marketplace disruption with an inexpensive, reliable and easy to innovate business model that increases profitability and productivity. Business Model Innovation is key to getting desired business results. It eases out uncertain demand of your business, provides clarity on strategic business objectives and pushes the growth curve up.

Before innovating a new idea, it is important to ask? What’s the truth of my product? What will it serve? Who will buy? How to hardwire ideas, people and processes to profit producing activities? Failures happen because of poor business ideas. Not seeing its full life cycle and the truth of your product keeps you away from success. Know the run away secrets of innovating your business success.

12BB-Business Model is a proprietary framework of Sarvagnya

How you benefit

Learn 12 Building Blocks of Business Model Innovation

Connect all dots from Business Innovation to Business Growth, leading through multiple steps

Design and innovate your business model (a Big Takeaway!!!)

Bring predictability of demand to your business

Improve your business revenue, contain your costs and mitigate your risks

Identify alternative sales opportunities, new value-added chains, strategic partners, data points, etc.

Create new products, new customer benefits or completely new markets

Understand the linkages of multiple business processes