Marketing and Sales performance results from a concerted effort on multiple facets such as leadership team, strategic sales plan, truth of the product or service, customer needs, channel & customer service. Our proprietary diagnostic tool, SCALE, sets up a business to scale in promoting, positioning and selling its product and services successfully. SCALE measures the Marketing and Sales function of a business on 36 dynamic parameters and sets up a robust strategic implementation plan with a clear agenda to scale the business.

Our approach guarantees measurable results in improving your strategic marketing and sales plans, setting up competitive goals, reaching the right customers with powerful contact methods, defining your core sales processes, ensuring customer satisfaction and strategising for more business.

Our clients have seen excellent results with our approach. Even international brands aspiring to enter Indian market consult us.

How It Helps

Depending on what stage your business is in, like a start up, matured, growing or declining, our diagnostic tool, SCALE, will identify the change agenda on 36 dynamic parameters.

Establish a scientific and systematic approach to assess the leadership team and salesforce readiness and align them with the organisational vision, goals and targets.

Map and establish the steps in strategic sales planning including capturing competitor comparison knowledge, team’s ability to sell.

Map the entire life cycle of customer journey and bringing together clarity to enhance the customer experience and getting the team ready to deliver that.

Create frameworks for competitive goal setting and preparing the team to achieve them, including assessing, selecting and training the team.

Reengineer the core sales process to establish a robust channel (direct, in-direct, web, etc), practice pre-calls and improve sales call performance, plan objection handling strategies, create sales training framework to enhance the salesforce effectiveness in identifying customer needs, presenting solutions, negotiating and closing.

Establish frameworks to monitor customer journey and their experience, assure satisfaction, obtain referrals and repeat business.

Establish a robust strategic prospecting process to profile profitable customers, develop contact methods, understand the geographic/territory, manage leads and opportunities.