Sarvaguna Indicator® is a registered trademark of Sarvagnya Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is an online talent assessment tool that is scientifically researched to measures the work-life choices of a client on 10 competency scales. “Sarvaguna” is a Sanskrit word. It implies “all characteristics of a personality”. The name “Sarvaguna Indicator” signifies that the test results “indicate all the characteristics of a personality.”

Registration Fee for Personal Profile Assessment

₹750 + GST

No Refund

About Sarvaguna Indicator

The test has 90 forced choice questions, which may take approximately 15 to 30 minutes time to complete. The test results are substantially the answers expected by the client and published in 14 pages report. The reports provide excellent insights on the client’s personality. The test results are useful for various applications such as leadership development, recruitment & selection and training.

Though the test results may have a subjective nature and may only predict the personality on basis of limited questions, the tool provides a wide range of Indicators to ask clarifying questions to the client to ascertain the facts before making appropriate decisions.

How You Benefit

It is an online Talent Assessment tool and the tests can be taken virtually from anywhere

It measures a client’s personality on 10 Competency Scales. Each scale has 2 competencies, which means it reports on 20 competencies that are critical to the success of a client in workplace

The tool provides two types of reports which are helpful in its application to leadership development, recruitment and selection and training.

The test has easy to understand 90 forced choice questions that can be taken in 15 to 30 minutes

A credible online tool based on our research of thousands of people

Price List for Sarvaguna Indicator Suite of Assessments

S. No.
Price (₹)
1. Personal Profile per assessment


2. Job Compatibility Profiling per job


3. Report interpretation (phone/video/email) per report


4. Certified Assessors 1 day workshop fee per person


5. Online Training for interpreting results 90 min session for a group


6. VUCA report, available offline, per report


7. Management report, available offline, per report


Note: Prices exclude GST.
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About the Tool Author

Dr. Sri Harsha Govardhana has 30 years of global experience as an Entrepreneur, Board Director, CEO, CLO and Vice President HR. He is an expert in creating business models, strategic business objectives, scorecards, KPIs, etc. for large scale global organisations. He is also a certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, EQ Coach, MBTI trainer, Entrepreneurial Edge (2019) Assessor and Coach. He has authored three psychometric assessment tools namely, Sarvaguna Indicator®, EQ-SS and Probeei. He also authored assessments such as CHANGE 3S-4P, SCOPE-HR Maturity Model, Sales Effectiveness Window and VUCA Edge framework. He worked in many geographies such as India, US, UK, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore and Malaysia.


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"We found 'Sarvaguna Indicator® ' as an excellent online assessment tool for our strategic HR applications of selection & career development. The assessment is easy to administer & the reports are comprehensive with invaluable insights on the team member’s personality, job capability & development plan. We admire your consistent efforts to innovate & constantly upgrade your high quality tools & services to enhance customer experience."

"Sarvaguna Indicator® threw light on many of the facets of my personality which I have been struggling to uncover. It helped me to realize the windows which were blocking me in becoming a better professional. The tool offers exhaustive report covering all the aspects of a complete professional. Very insightful and outstanding in its capability to unleash the inside. The tool is very simple to be taken up by anybody. It will be of great help for HR folks in majority of their activities."

Recruiters often find it difficult to judge a prospect’s "attitude" and "personality. "While skill, education and experience are one part, attitude can make a difference to the performance on the job. Sarvaguna is a complete tool offering this valuable insight into the individual's personality in a structured way. It ensures complete elimination of human bias and error in this qualitative function.

"I have explored / undergone several psychometric tests in my quest to explore the inner-self but no other evaluation comes anywhere closer to the report of Sarvaguna. It dissects your personality and unravels the vital 10 critical aspects of your personality. The man in the mirror is so clear to me after I have read this evaluation report! It also changed the way I perceived the information and reacted to the situation. I wish I had the Sarvaguna report 20 years ago!"

“PROBEEI deeply probed our talent profiling methods and unveiled an insightful dimension in our team members. The assessment process is simple and the reports are accurate and effective. It gave us independent assessment in our selection and career progression process for our employees. It is an excellent decision making tool for the strategic HR practice. We are impressed with the tool and will soon administer the same on all our key employees across the globe.”